Edward III 2016

"Never mind getting upstaged by fancy swordplay or an actor taking too long for his death scene. Hudson Shakespeare Company’s adaptable actors must endure teens on skateboards, barking dogs, ambulance sirens, even low-flying helicopters while they project the dense and rhyming lines of The Bard."

Review by Sally Deering for The River View Observer

King John 2016

"Quite a company it is too, filling in the supporting roles neatly and deftly, these actors earn blanket praise for their diligence, commitment and charm. There are no weak links here."

Review by Thomas Burns Scully for On Stage Blog. Read the full review HERE

Interview about my experiences working on King John for Hamlet Isn't dead. Read it HERE

Port Authority 2013

"Andrew’s bemused accounts of gross domestic chaos are shaded with a tangible ripple of near-miss."

 4 star review by Liz Nicholls for The Edmonton Journal. Full Review HERE


"The actors speak the musical irish dialect as if they had lived a lifetime near the Dublin docks."

5 star review by Colin Maclean for The Edmonton Sun. Read the full review HERE

Take a Bite 2011

"Shannon and Andrew's chemistry on stage is evident from the start. The duo prove that sometimes opposites do attract."

4 star review by Jason Hills for The Toronto Sun. Read The full Review HERE

". . . the script is brilliantly written, the story moves along perfectly and Liana Shannon as Vera and Isaac Andrew as Dion give near flawless performances."

Review for by Jessica for Applause! Meter. Read The full review HERE